Logo of Affairs Bakery and Cafe
Front entrance doors Affairs Bakery and Cafe, Creemore, Ontario
Picture of the bright and comfortable dining area
WEBSite design, photography and creation - A community effort by staff and residents of Creemore as our way of thanking Norma for creating Affairs Bakery & Cafe

Welcome to Affairs Bakery, the culmination of my dream to create a unique bakery and eating place blending in with the peaceful charm of Creemore, Ontario. After spending much of my career catering to large corporate clients, I wanted to take that experience and use it to craft a small, friendly bakery/cafe employing local staff and producing really unique "goodies" to enjoy.

15 years later with our location in a century building on the main street of Creemore, an expansion to double our size to give our clients more space, and with the help of my staff and our many local customers, Affairs Bakery has now become the meeting place that I always envisioned.

Please come and join us to see what we have succeeded in creating, sit, have breakfast or lunch, a butter tart or some Gluten Free baking with a coffee from our Dalla Corte espresso machine, then stroll our streets, sit by the Mad and Noisy river and see why we chose to create Affairs Bakery in this quiet, beautiful part of Ontario.
October 2017 staff picture
148 Mill Street, Creemore, Ontario, L0M1G0