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Cup of Creamy Espresso

Dalla-Corte Espresso Maker

Exquisite Espresso

At Affairs Bakery and Cafe we take our espresso as seriously as our customers do. Home to the only Dalla Corte espresso machine in the area, every cup is super creamy because the milk is steamed as part of the brewing process. Visit Affairs knowing your espresso is brewed with care and unwavering attention to detail. Our best-in-class Della Carte espresso brewer, along with our dedicated Baristas make it all possible.

It Starts With Perfect Water

We ensure the ideal grain and hardness profile by using Best Water Technology (BWT) filtration. Our Della Carte brewer’s multi-boiler system is custom configured to heat water to the optimum temperature based on our unique coffee bean blend.

Grinding Beans For Optimal Brewing

Our high precision coffee bean grinder ensures uniformly sized granules are introduced to the brewer. A preinfusion process unique to our Della Carte brewer ensures flavour is extracted at the ideal temperature.

Creamy Milk

Della Carte’s unique milk steamtip produces microfoam, resulting in a consistency rarely experienced.

Award Winning Pride

To say we’re proud of our Della Carte espresso system is a bit of an understatement. We’re rigorous about daily maintenance of this elegant system. On top of Della Carte’s sophisticated automatic cleaning cycles, Affairs uses only environmentally friendly “full circle” cleaning products on the system, all phosphorus free.

This rigor contributes to the consistency of your espresso experience. Whether you come into Affairs for some tranquility, or you come in with one hundred of your closest friends, the one-hundredth espresso will have a texture and flavour identical to the first.

Della Carte brewers have been behind many winners in the World Latte Art Championship. Consistency of the highest quality. Quality and stability repeatable time after time.

About us

The best espresso, homemade baking and a delicious assortment of warm and cold lunches - all in an atmosphere uniquely Creemore.

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Affairs Bakery, Café & Catering
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